Over 46 years of experience growing Fraser Firs 2021 is proving to be our finest year of trees! Due to shortage of trees and help, we encourage you to shop early! A well cared for Fraser Fir will easily last through the holiday season! Why Choose a Chengerian Fraser Fir? Nothing says the holidays like the fresh smell of a real christmas tree! Our Fraser Fir Trees have superior needle retention and fragrance. Grown Chemical Free, we take pride in making sure your family enjoys a safe holiday.
About Chengerians Tree Land Bob Chengerian has been growing Award Winning Fraser Fir Christmas Trees in Central New York for over 40 years.
Courtesy of Theresa Sprague Fenskevia our facebook page! Award Winning Fraser Firsat Chengerian’s Treeland! I bet you can smell this picture,can’t you? phone: 1 (315) 678-2046 address: 84 Merritt Road, Fulton NY 13069 - Check us out on
Our Hours We will be here Monday - Wednesday from noon to 4pm! Our last day is Wednesday, December 22nd!